Button – hero dog …


… saves puppy from permanent isolation. This afternoon  Button started barking in the backyard. Upon further investigation we discovered a puppy trapped between the 3 metre cyclone wire back fence and the black plastic sheeting attached to the entire fence.  With barely enough room to turn around, it was desolate. Button soon stopped barking and began whimpering alongside the puppy. The barking had alerted the Osbaldwickiana residents who promptly drove to the rescue.

By the time I came on the scene the would-be rescuers, led by Button were canvassing the neighbours in the next street. I was trying to calm the dog when finally her owner’s head appeared over the black plastic. Between us we freed her from her prison. Button was duly rewarded on her heroic return.


Ollie … the new dog on the block. When I can work out how to get his portrait on the page, he’ll be here. I’ll get there yet …. and here he is …. looking innocent and loveable as indeed he is.

moi je suis innocent2