Resourceful residents rescue Lucky Louie


Louie on her  ledge … all fenced in at the end of the road for now

Louie the dog looked distinctly unlucky when first sighted by residents’ dogs Scruffy and Ollie on their regular morning walk around the Pearl Retirement Resort.

Delma and Wendy,  alerted by their dogs, found the distressed and exhausted pup stuck on a narrow ledge above a storm water inlet into Ludmilla Creek at the back of Pearl.

Having assessed the dog’s plight they enlisted the support of Russ and John to rescue the pup. The pup was too scared to co-operate but was eventually coaxed back some distance along the creek towards Pearl’s back gate from where it could be brought into the safety of  the resort.

Russ John & Louie

Russ and John try to persuade Louie to move

Eventually, after some false starts,  Louie – now identified by a tag on her collar   – was finally coaxed through the water and, with some pushing and pulling, she was hauled up the bank. Finally she was loaded into Russ’s wheelbarrow and, with John and Wendy holding her in place, was wheeled into Pearl and safety.

In the meantime Delma had phoned the astonished owner whose number was also on the name tag, By the time Louie was wheeled up the slope, Delma and the owners arrived for a joyful and relieved reunion.


Happy reunion – the happy owners with Louie in the wheelbarrow,  and John and Russ.

For the time being lucky Louie’s big adventure was over.  After a check-up at the vet’s, followed by some stitches and an overnight stay, Louie was finally on her way back home.

The resourceful residents – and Ollie and Scruffy – breathed several sighs of relief and enjoyed the feeling of having done something really good.

Scruffy and Ollie wait for their reward

Photos: Delma   Text : Wendy

The Adventures of Archie Pelagio have to begin somewhere …

I was listening to the local midday ABC News (105.7) a couple of weeks ago and the announcer came to the item about a potential cyclone brewing somewhere in the Indonesian archipelago – but that’s not how it came out. Instead – (read on and enjoy)  ….

Biography of Archie Pelagio.

For a fair while now I’ve been variously exasperated, infuriated or simply dumbfounded by the apparent illiteracy of 105.7 (ABC Darwin) newsreaders and announcers. Today I decided that such an approach may not be good for my long term mental health. The reason was the enormity of the gaffe made by the midday newsreader. Unexpectedly I was introduced to “Archie Pelagio”. I have taken it upon myself to become the biographer of the aforesaid Archie. I suspect he may be a cartographer with comedic streak. I believe he is probably a distant relative of “archipelago” which many of us know is a group of islands!

27 January 2016.

(There will be further instalments.)

The following Saturday, the same newsreader turned Moorabbin into Moorabien!   By midday the region in which many people reside, south-west of Geelong (Victoria), had become – courtesy of the same newsreader – the Della Barine Peninsula.

I’m beginning to suspect that Archie may have to live, along with his cousins Coral Ireland and Della Barine, at least temporarily, in Moorabien.


After Casuarina … what next?

My stint at Casuarina – initially meant to end in early October 2013 – finally finished on 5 January 2014. Although there were a few people who were not wildly excited at the outset by the prospect of a woman in the pulpit, the decision to extend my contract was unanimous, thank God. I think by then they realised that I wasn’t really a heretic! I must say that I enjoyed immensely my time in ministry there but I was pretty weary by the time I finished.
Now what? I reckon I can’t justify being “on holiday” for much longer. And it’s not as if there’s nothing to do. The difficulty is choosing.
After joining Bodyfit for a programme of exercise physiology to strengthen my aging bones, I’ve become hooked and graduated to having a weekly personal training session. But that means I now have fewer excuses for avoiding the gardening work that awaits. Somehow the garden has become something like a jungle while I wasn’t looking – so I’m now about to gird my loins appropriately and attack it … at a measured pace.
But even that is probably an excuse to save getting my mind into gear and begin any one of the writing projects on the agenda.
I did think that, having expended all that energy writing sermons last year and enjoying the process that I might actually try to continue with a regular reflection here. In the meantime, the poem that I used for the sunrise Easter service at Casuarina last year has been picked up by the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane as part of their Lenten programme.
(Programme Title: You have set us free).