Casuarina gets new Pastor

Wendy and ButtonAs of Monday 18 March 2013, Casuarina Uniting Church will have a new Pastor. As some of you will know, Casuarina has been without a minister now for about twelve months, since the Rev Wendell Flentje retired. In that time the congregation have taken charge of the pastoral and preaching responsibilities that would normally fall to the minister. But that requires a lot of effort and there is a limit to how long members of a congregation can sustain that effort without some assistance. So, the Pilgrim Presbytery Minister had a bright idea – me! Since Darwin Memorial now has a minister well settled into the placement there, I was offered to Casuarina as a Pastor in a supply role for the next six months (or less if a new minister appears on the horizon). I have had the opportunity to preach at Casuarina a few times over the past few months and have enjoyed my time with the congregation there, so I am looking forward to working with their leadership team. Mind you, the DMUC congregation has pointed out that I am only on loan.

Button – hero dog …


… saves puppy from permanent isolation. This afternoon  Button started barking in the backyard. Upon further investigation we discovered a puppy trapped between the 3 metre cyclone wire back fence and the black plastic sheeting attached to the entire fence.  With barely enough room to turn around, it was desolate. Button soon stopped barking and began whimpering alongside the puppy. The barking had alerted the Osbaldwickiana residents who promptly drove to the rescue.

By the time I came on the scene the would-be rescuers, led by Button were canvassing the neighbours in the next street. I was trying to calm the dog when finally her owner’s head appeared over the black plastic. Between us we freed her from her prison. Button was duly rewarded on her heroic return.


Ollie … the new dog on the block. When I can work out how to get his portrait on the page, he’ll be here. I’ll get there yet …. and here he is …. looking innocent and loveable as indeed he is.

moi je suis innocent2