The Adventures of Archie Pelagio have to begin somewhere …

I was listening to the local midday ABC News (105.7) a couple of weeks ago and the announcer came to the item about a potential cyclone brewing somewhere in the Indonesian archipelago – but that’s not how it came out. Instead – (read on and enjoy)  ….

Biography of Archie Pelagio.

For a fair while now I’ve been variously exasperated, infuriated or simply dumbfounded by the apparent illiteracy of 105.7 (ABC Darwin) newsreaders and announcers. Today I decided that such an approach may not be good for my long term mental health. The reason was the enormity of the gaffe made by the midday newsreader. Unexpectedly I was introduced to “Archie Pelagio”. I have taken it upon myself to become the biographer of the aforesaid Archie. I suspect he may be a cartographer with comedic streak. I believe he is probably a distant relative of “archipelago” which many of us know is a group of islands!

27 January 2016.

(There will be further instalments.)

The following Saturday, the same newsreader turned Moorabbin into Moorabien!   By midday the region in which many people reside, south-west of Geelong (Victoria), had become – courtesy of the same newsreader – the Della Barine Peninsula.

I’m beginning to suspect that Archie may have to live, along with his cousins Coral Ireland and Della Barine, at least temporarily, in Moorabien.


6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Archie Pelagio have to begin somewhere …

  1. As a resident of Della Barine, I’ve heard them all! We are obviously also nomads as our geographic location often moves around Victoria and even interstate … or is that intestate? [I think ABC Darwin might have chosen the latter].
    Something else that happened on the Della Barine, in a place called Moolap [what would ABC Darwin have done with that one?], but I digress – back to Moolap. Do you know what was at Moolap? The Pelaco factory. Could that be a relative of Archie??

  2. I shudder to think what the ABC could do with Moolap! I think Pelaco could certainly be part of Archie’s extended family. Moolap could certainly be part of the story too. What was the story about Pelaco?

  3. The Della Barine Historical Society has some photo inside and outside the factory at Moolap but I always remember the one of the workers [can’t spot any men] on a picnic to St Leonards. Don’t know what will happen if I try to paste a picture here – can but try! That didn’t work so I tried an Alternative [that starts with an “A” – is that another of Archie’s relatives?] Try this…

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